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As a Festival tradition, the annual Chef's Charity Auction held during the Grand Finale Dinner, raises money for worthy charities. This year's auction raised a record RM313, 166 for the Festival charity Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia (Penyayang).

Penyayang is a Foundation founded to solicit donations, subscriptions or otherwise, and to administer such funds for education, public welfare, research, health, medical and other charitable purposes for the benefit of needy Malaysians, irrespective of colour, race or creed.

Datin EndonPenyayang, an initiative of the late YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Endon Mahmood, aspires to bring cheer and joy to the less fortunate and disadvantaged Malaysians.


NoriPenyayang’s Chairman, YBhg. Puan Nori Abdullah said, “We must thank the chefs, the bidders and the festival restaurants for their generosity and warm heartedness,” as she received the proceeds from the Royal Patron of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja’afar, the Minster of Tourism, Dato’Seri Tengku Adnan bin Mansor and Dato’ Steve Day.

You can make a silent bid for any of the Master Chefs participating in the Chefs’ Charity Auction. All you have to do is choose a chef, go to their restaurant during the festival and enter your bid in the Silent Auction Book. The close of bids is 30 November 2007. The top bidder for each chef will receive an invitation for 2 to attend and defend their bid at the Festival's Grand Finale Dinner on 3 December 2007.

Chef: Gordon Freddy Boyong
Restaurant: The Dining Room @ La Bodega
Auctioned for: David Mirzan Hashim
Bid Price (RM): 6000
Highlights: Head Chef Gordon Freddy Boyong will prepare the Festival Menu for a party of 12, right in the comfort of the winning bidder’s home. Diners will witness the chic allure of Barcelona come alive right in front of them. With wine.

2 Chef: David Pam
Restaurant: China Treasures
Auctioned for: Tunku Shahabuddin
Bid Price (RM): 6500
Highlights: In the glowing oriental atmosphere of China Treasures, Chef David Pam will prepare a special dinner menu for a group of 10 diners.
3 Chef: Jerome Deconinck
Restaurant: Le français
Auctioned for: Adam Reidlan
Bid Price (RM): 12500
Highlights: A group of 8 diners will get to experience Chef Jerome’s love of good food and wine on every plate of the festival Menu. set in the vibrant heart of KL Chef Jerome will bring a taste of delectable french cuisine and culinary traditions to the city.
4 Chefs: Somkhuan Wandee and Claudio Cucchiarelli
Restaurants: Tamarind Springs and Il Tempio Jungle Luxe Gourmet Safari Experience
Auctioned for: Soren Holm Jensen
Bid Price (RM): 6500
Highlights: Tamarind Spring’s Executive Chef Somkhuan Wandee joins forces with Il Tempio’s Executive Chef Claudio Cucchiarelli to offer a party of 10 an exotic one-off treat. Diners will be taken on a Jungle Luxe Gourmet Safari Experience held at both restaurants which will combine their Festival menus for the event. The evening will be topped off with a dance performance at Il Tempio featuring The Temple Devas, an offer sure to impress any group of diners! With wine.
5 Chef: Kamaroull bin Mohd Zabidi
Restaurant: Enak KL
Auctioned for: Ridzwan Bin Abu Bakar
Bid Price (RM): 7000
Highlights: Master of Malay cuisine Chef Kamaroull will prepare a special menu infusing exotic Malaysian ingredients with a touch of creativity. A party of 10 will enjoy this meal, superb wine and champagne at Enak KL, Malaysia’s premier Malay fine dining restaurant.
6 2 bottles 1995 Chateau Lafite Rothschild – 95 points by Parker
Donated by: Lafite
Auctioned for: Jeremy Oliver
Bid Price (RM): 9000
The 95 Lafite exhibits a dark ruby purple colre and a sweet powdered mineral, smoky, weedy cassis scented nose. Beautiful sweetness of fruit is present in this medium bodied, tightly knit, but gloriously pure, well delineated Lafite. The wine is beautifully made with outstanding credentials, in addition to a remarkable promise. anticipated Maturity - 2008 to 2028
7 Chef: Michael Wong
Restaurant: The Emperor
Auctioned for: Dato Eddie Choon
Bid Price (RM): 4500
Highlights: With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, executive Chinese Chef Michael Wong will tantalise the tastebuds of a party of 5 with the festival menu paired with wine and champagne, all in the beautiful setting of the emperor restaurant.
8 Chef: Richard Teoh Swee Meng
Restaurant: Genji
Auctioned for: To'Puan Lau Gunn Chit
Bid Price (RM): 10000
Highlights: Japanese Head Chef Richard Teoh Swee Meng will bring the fresh flavours of Japan, with a special menu and selection of wines, to a group of 10 diners all in the comfort of the winning bidder’s home.
9 Chef: Kunio Kuwabara
Restaurant: Kura
Auctioned for: Dato Seri Azim Zabidi
Bid Price (RM): 7500
Highlights: Executive Chef Kunio Kuwabara will entertain a party of 6 at the brand new, exceptionally designed Kura Japanese restaurant. Diners will be treated to an exclusive, delicate taste of Japanese cuisine, coupled perfectly with sake.
10 Chef: Ibrahim Bin Salim
Restaurant: Tuscany
Auctioned for: Ridzwan Bin Abu Bakar
Bid Price (RM): 7000
Highlights: Chef Ibrahim will entice a party of 8 with the delicate flavours of gourmet italian food and wine in the elegant, relaxed setting of Tuscany. Festival menu.
11 Chef: Chan Choo Kean
Restaurant: West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant
Auctioned for: Dato' Eddie Choon
Bid Price (RM): 8500
Highlights: Master Chinese Chef Chan Choo Kean will prepare dinner for a party of 8 at the picturesque West Lake Garden Chinese restaurant. a special menu of bold, delicious Chinese flavours will be served with equally delicious wine.
12 Chef: Louie Hoi
Restaurant: Zuan Yuan Chinese restaurant
Auctioned for: Datin Bene Chan
Bid Price (RM): 8000
Highlights: With 15 years of culinary experience, Chef de Partie Chef Louie will bring the delicate, fragrant flavours of Cantonese cuisine to a party of 10. Guests will be treated to the special festival Menu and superb wine in the brand new Zuan Yuan Chinese restaurant.
13 Donated by: Ulysse Nardin
Auctioned for: Dato Farah Khan
Bid Price (RM): 39000
Highlights: Meeting the ever increasing desire of ladies to combine the mechanics of time with Jewellery. Stainless Steel Case set with diamonds (approx 0.70 carat). Water resistant to 50m. Sapphire Crystals. Available in Salmon, White or Black dial. This mechanical jewel has a retail value of RM 34,650.
14 Chef: Mohd Rashid
Restaurant: Ishq
Auctioned for: Tunku Iskandar
Bid Price (RM): 5000
Highlights: Executive indian Chef Mohd Rashid will bring his extensive experience in indian dining to a party of 5. Chef rashid will treat diners to the sparkling, complex flavours of indian cuisine in a special menu for the evening; served at the east meets West inspired setting of isHq restaurant. With wine.
15 Chef: Stefano Maccagno
Restaurant: Avanti
Auctioned for: Dato' Simon Foong
Bid Price (RM): 8000
Highlights: Chef de Cuisine Stefano Meccagno will create a superb italian meal with wine for a party of 8 diners, in the warm, vibrant ambience of avanti italian-american ristorante.
16 Chef: Andy Seng
Restaurant: Ming Ren
Auctioned for: David Teh
Bid Price (RM): 8500
Highlights: Executive sous Chef Andy Seng will captivate a group of 10 diners with his passion and flair for presentation. Chef Seng will prepare an exclusive menu and a delectable welcome cocktail for guests in the cozy warmth of Ming Ren.
17 Chef: Rajesh Kanna
Restaurant: QBA
Auctioned for: Ramli Kalam
Bid Price (RM): 9000
Highlights: Experience the sultry taste of south america with executive sous Chef rajesh Kanna, who will put together an exclusive menu for a group of 10 diners paired with the perfect wine.
18 Chef: Jaffrey Othman
Restaurant: MeD.@Marché
Auctioned for: Shirley Tan
Bid Price (RM): 8000
Highlights: Chef de Cuisine Jaffrey Othman will treat a group of 10 diners to a special menu of Mediterranean colours and flavours. sample Chef Othman’s in the cosy, exotic atmosphere of MeD.@Marché. With wine and champagne.
19 Chef: Jochen Kern
Restaurant: Chalet
Auctioned for: Dato' Salim Fateh Din
Bid Price (RM): 17000
Highlights: Our affable Chef Jochen, legend of Chalet, will cook a six course dinner for 10 people either in the restaurant or in your home. With wine.
20 Chef: Ricky Thein Yiew Ming
Restaurant: Tai Zi Heen
Auctioned for: Dato Mohd Salim Bin Fateh Din
Bid Price (RM): 10000
Highlights: Chinese Master Chef Ricky Thein is established as a culinary supremo in singapore and Malaysia. He will prepare his festival Menu for a group of 10 diners at the resplendent Tai Zi Heen. The dining party will sample the best in Cantonese and sichuan dishes from this award winning restaurant and chef. With wine.
21 Chef: Ricky Kamiishi
Restaurant: Iketeru
Auctioned for: R. Schaeferz
Bid Price (RM): 13000
Highlights: Executive Japanese Chef Ricky Kamiishi will prepare a meal paired with fine wine for a party of 6 in Iketeru’s understated, Zen-inspired setting. using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients, Chef Ricky will bring a taste of Japan to the heart of KL.
22 Chef: Lam Hock Hin
Restaurant: Chynna
Auctioned for: Dato' Azim Zabidi
Bid Price (RM): 8500
Highlights: Well known executive Chinese Chef Lam Hock Hin will present the festival menu to a party of 6. in Chynna’s plush, theatrical setting, guests will be treated to Chef Lam Hock Hin’s deliciously artful Chinese cuisine. With wine.
23 Chef: Oliver Lopez
Restaurant: The Olive
Auctioned for: MI-KI Choong
Bid Price (RM): 8500
Highlights: Specialising in french and italian cuisine executive sous Chef Oliver Lopez will design a refreshing continental menu for a party of 10 in chic restaurant, The olive. Nestled in a highlands getaway, diners will get to unwind in a beautiful setting with magnificent food…a recipe for a perfect evening! With wine.
24 Chef: Michael Elfwing
Restaurant: Senses
Auctioned for: Dato Ramli Kalam
Bid Price (RM): 20000
Highlights: Swedish born Chef de Cuisine Michael elfwing will pair his creative festival Menu with fine wine for a party of 6. Diners will be treated to the best in modern australian cuisine in the intimate, contemporary environment of Senses.
25 Chefs: Bong Jun Choi and Dirk Haltenhof
Restaurants: Lai Po Heen and Pacifica Grill Gourmet Experience
Auctioned for: Datin Mina Cheah-Foong
Bid Price (RM): 16666
Highlights: Join executive Chinese Chef Jun Choi of Lai Po Heen and Chef Dirk Haltenhof from Pacifica Bar and Grill will treat diners to a unique gourmet safari experience at the Mandarin oriental Kuala Lumpur. The two chefs will combine their distinct talents to prepare a special dinner menu with wine and champagne for a party of 10.
26 Personally Signed Walking Stick
Donated by
: PM
Auctioned for: Justin Leong
Bid Price (RM): 20000
27 Chefs: Chef Kevin Cherkas
Restaurants: Lafite
Auctioned for: Dato' Farah Khan
Bid Price (RM): 30000


  1. The Chefs' Charity Auction will take place on December 3, 2007 during the Grand Finale Dinner.
  2. Results of the Auction will be finalised and announced during the Grand Finale Dinner on December 3, 2007.
  3. The Chefs' Charity Auction Packages are as detailed in the Festival Magazine and details are correct at time of printing. Bidders should, however check with the respective Restaurants for any amendments.
  4. The final details of the Chefs' Charity Auction Packages are at the sole discretion of the Restaurants concerned and are to be finalised directly between the participating Restaurants and the winning bidders.
  5. Payment in full must be made by December 7, 2007. All payments are exempt from Malaysian tax and are to be made payable to Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia. Tax-exempt receipts will be issued upon cheque clearance.
  6. All successful bids during the Auction are accepted subject to the Organiser's non-liability for any delay or failure by the restaurant or its chefs to perform, or for any legal action or claims, arising from the bidders' participation in the Auciton.
  7. The Organiser reserves the right to publish the names, information and photographs of the bidders and their final bids without prior notice, unless the Organiser receives written notice to the contrary.
  8. Any disputes arising from the Auction, including, but not limited to submitted bids, will be adjudged by the Organiser whose decision in the matter is final.
  9. All decisions made concerning the Auction by the Organiser are final. No correspondence will be entertained.
  10. All rights and obligations of the parties involved with respect to the Auction, and any matters connected to the foregoing rules and regulations shall be governed and interpreted by the laws and jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.
  11. By participating in this Auction, bidders agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions and all decisions made by the Organiser.
  12. Unless otherwise agreed, bidders should contact Restaurants at least seven working days prior to redeeming their package.
Please make all cheques payable to

Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia

and send them to
AsiaReach Events Sdn Bhd
Chefs' Charity Auction 2007
28 Jalan Liku, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

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